Sharing Your Invite Code to Friends

Inviting Player

If you are looking to invite your friend to Kingdom Conquest II, make sure that they meet the following requirements before proceeding.

  1. The friend does not have an existing Kingdom Conquest II account.
  2. The friend's device does not have a Kingdom Conquest II account registered.
  3. An invite code was never redeemed from the friends device in the past.

To find your Invite Code, tap the "Invite & Code" button from the game's menu button to go directly to the following screen.

There will be an alphanumeric string that can be shared with your friend.

Also, remember that you friend will need to meet the following requirements to get your reward as well.

  1. Your friend needs to complete the quest "The Decisive Battle".
  2. Your friend needs to complete the quest during the Invite Campaign.
  3. Your friend entered the correct Invite Code in the initial process.

Players Who Were Invited

If you were invited by a friend who is already playing Kingdom Conquest II, you can get an extra reward by taking the following steps.

  • After downloading the game and booting it for the first time, you will notice the "START" button and the "Users with account" button as shown below. If the "START" button is not shown, this means that the device had registered an account before and is not eligible for the Invite Campaign. Tap "START" to begin the process.

  • The game will then take you to the account registration screen. Before registering your account, tap the "Invite Code" to launch your web browser. Skipping this process will not allow your account to collect the rewards.

  • Once the browser page loads, there will be an empty space to enter your friend's Invite Code. The field is caps-sensitive, so be sure to enter the correct invite code! Tap "Enter" to go back to your app's registration screen.

  • Finish the account registration page and tap "OK". The game will enter the tutorial, and you will need to continue playing the game to reach the final reward. There will be a quest titled "The Decisive Battle", and clearing it will give you the reward for you and your friend.



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