Abandoning Alliances

You are given the ability to Abandon as a last resort. This action comes with severe consequences and should only be used if you are in an extremely unfavorable spot. This action is permanent and the Operations Team will not undo this action.

The following penalties will be incurred.

  • Resources (Wood, Stone, and Iron) will be lost.
  • Monsters that are higher than 100 troops will be lost.
  • Reign that was gained over time (not from quests) will be lost
  • Commander Points will be lost.
  • Alliance donations and contribution points will be lost.
  • Constructed facilities will be destroyed.
  • Land and towers under your control will be forfeit.

The following will not reset.

  • Expanded zones in your city.
  • Completed quests.
  • Currencies such as Crystals, CP, and DP.
  • Items such as tickets, Sigils, and Combat Points.
  • The monster's levels and skills.
  • The commander's hiring status and level.
  • The avatar's level and equipment.
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