Monster Cards

Card Art
The name, Cost, level, EXP, and rarity is shown.

Monster Count
The number of monsters this card has. New cards will have a default of 100, and 9,999 monsters can exist in a single card. Monsters that are 0 cannot be placed in units and sent to attack.

The type of race the card holds. This information is useful when combining with Commanders who synergizes well with certain races.

Shows the speed of how quickly the parameters increase. "SLOW" monsters have a smaller increase in parameters per level, but are generally more powerful in the long run. "FAST" monsters have a faster increase per level, but are generally weaker in the long run. "NORMAL" monsters increase in parameters equally per level.

Shows the parameter and stamina for the monster. Alphabets represent the monster's parameter specialty.

Tapping the Details button will show the command's behaviors and activation chances.

Status Up
For every level a monster gains, it will be given additional points that can be spent toward improving stats. Increasing a monster's Awake Point will also give additional points. Points that have been added cannot be redistributed unless a CP fee is paid.

All monsters will have a default of 100 monsters. This can be increased up to 9,999 monsters for a single card. Producing a monster will require resources and a set time based on the race, monster, and rarity. Moving a card from a Unit to the card list while having more than 100 monsters will reset it to its default number.

Status Reset
Resets all status points that were spent for that monster. This function will require CP and the cost is fixed, regardless of how many points are refunded back to you.

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