Monster Attributes

Monsters possess various attributes that determine how powerful they are.

Attack (ATK)
The higher the value, the more damage is dealt to enemies.

Defense (DEF)
The higher the value, the less damage is applied from attacks.

Intelligence (INT)
The higher the value, the more effective some skills become.

Speed (SPD)
The higher the value, the faster the Monster will act in battle.

The higher the value, the more Field HP damage is dealt to land, bases, and towers.

This parameter determines whether your monster can reach targets on the opposing side. One tile takes one range to reach, and empty rows will still count as an extra cell of range.

Unit composition is restricted by the cost of each monster. The upper limit can be increased through facilities or purchasing in-game items that increases it for a set period of time.

Stamina determines how well your monsters will perform in battle. Stamina is consumed after each battle, and is automatically generated over time. Restoration time varies by the monster's race, rarity, and level.

  • Stamina that is higher than 200 will gain an EXP boost.
  • Stamina that is less than 199 will receive an EXP penalty
  • Stamina that is lower than 100 will receive a parameter and skill activation penalty.
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