Avatar Parameters

There are a number of factors that determine how powerful your avatar is in dungeons.

The player’s level indicates their general level of power. When EXP reaches a set amount, the player’s level will increase, allowing access to new weapons, skills and dungeons.

Experience Points are accumulated in Dungeons. Once enough EXP is gained, your character level will increase.

This is the player’s maximum hit points (HP). When this number reaches 0, the player is defeated and must either revive themselves, be revived by another player, or leave the dungeon. HP can be restored with certain abilities and consumable objects.

This is the maximum Skill Points that the player has. Abilities use Skill Points, but SP will automatically replenish after a short delay after ability use. Subsequent use of abilities will pause the replenishing of SP.

This is the player’s Attack power. ATK affects the amount of damage you can inflict to enemies.

This is the player’s defense power against physical attacks. This affects the amount of damage you take from physical attacks.

This is the player’s defense power against magic attacks. This affects the amount of damage you take from magic attacks.

This is the player’s quickness.

CRT is the player’s chance to deal a critical strike. A critical strike can cause up to three times the normal amount of damage.

Weapons that apply elemental effects are shown here. Enemies that are weak to certain elements will take additional damage.

Equipment that offers resistance to elemental attacks are shown here. The higher the numbers are for an element, the lower the chance to become debuffed.

Special Effects
Weapons and equipment that offer passive effects are shown here.

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