Vassal Strategies

Becoming a Vassal Alliance is not the end of the game, but not a favorable position as well. Here are some strategies to help you escape after becoming a Vassal Alliance.

Merging Alliances
Members of Vassal Alliances can send merger requests to the Parent Alliance. If the Lord of the Parent alliance agrees, all members within the vassal will merge. In this case, the vassal alliance will cease to exist.

Vassal Expulsion
Members of vassal alliances can send expulsion requests to the parent alliance. If the lord of the parent alliance agrees, the requesting player will be expelled from the vassal alliance and will become independent.

Capture and Release
Alliances that become a vassal can still be attacked by others who are not part of the parent alliance. The lord of the vassal alliance can negotiate with other independent alliance to capture and release them. This method is only recommended if the original parent alliance is unwilling to merge or expel players.

The process is as follows.

  • Alliance A subjugates Alliance B.
  • Alliance B negotiates with Alliance C for a capture and release.
  • Alliance C subjugates Alliance B.
  • Alliance C releases Alliance B.
  • Alliance A, B, C are all reset as independent alliances.
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