Monster Synthesis

Enhance Synthesis
A skill's level can be increased by sacrificing cards of the same race. Increasing a skill's level will improve its effectiveness and activation chances. Cards with higher rarity offer more EXP, and Orb cards will offer more EXP than monsters cards.

Acquire Synthesis
A skill from another monster can be transferred by sacrificing the card with the desired skill. Acquiring a skill is not guaranteed. The probability of acquiring a skill is influenced by the level of the skill that is being taught, and by spending CP or DP for the process.

Awaken Synthesis
A monster can be improved by sacrificing cards of the same name and rarity. Sacrificing 10 cards (11 total) will turn the card into an Awakened status. Awakened cards will have the following properties.

  • The card's base parameters will gain a boost.
  • The skill's level cap will be increased.
  • The first skill will turn into an Awakened Skill.

* Experience to level up awakened skills are scaled differently than standard skills. Upon awakening, the skills will be recalculated, and the level itself may drop as a result. This is an intended mechanic.

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