Dungeon Introduction

Dungeon Objectives
A dungeon is completed by clearing it up to a particular floor, or by defeating a boss holed up in the depths of the dungeon. On exiting a dungeon, a number of draws from the dungeon’s exclusive card pack may be granted. The number of draws depends on how much of the dungeon was completed, and the difficulty of the dungeon itself.

Unlocking Additional Dungeons
Additional dungeons and difficulties will become available as your character meets the level requirements or controls the Towers on the map. Dungeons that require Tower control will be applied to your alliance and Vassals. If your alliance loses control of a Tower that grants access to a particular dungeon, that right will also be lost.

Cooperative Play
Up to four players can play simultaneously play in a dungeon. You can create private rooms with passwords to play with fellow alliance members. You can also join public rooms to explore with random players across different servers.

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