There are three types of resources: Stone, Wood, and Iron. They are used for building and upgrading facilities, producing monsters, and donating to alliances. The information bar at the top of the screen shows the current amount and storage limit of each resource. Just below them is the amount produced per hour.

Gathering Resources
Resources are automatically generated over time. The amount produced per hour can be increased by building and upgrading facilities, capturing new land, leveling up your alliance, and purchasing boosters in the Shop.

Production Bonuses
Wood producing facilities should be placed near the Woods and Forest, stone producing faculties near the Crags and Mountain, and iron producing facilities near the Iron Mine and Great Iron Mine. Roads that are connected between the facilities and castle will also give a boost to your resource production.

Increasing Resource Capacity
The overall storage limit of resources can be increased by constructing and raising the level of Warehouses. You cannot store any resources beyond the storage limit, and any excess that is collected will be lost forever. If a resource is about to exceed its storage limit, build more warehouses, increase their levels, or spend the resources first.

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