Beyond the Basics

Overarching Goals
Once you've mastered basic combat and alliance interactions, it's time to set your sights on the game's overarching objectives. You will see that a number of Towers and Debris Towers are scattered throughout the entire map. These structures will become the focal points of PvP conflicts.

Conquering Towers
The towers themselves are initially occupied by NPCs. Lower level towers can be taken down by yourself, but higher level ones will require multiple parties to be sent at once. Unlike normal land, towers cannot be taken by defeating all the enemies in the structure. You must drain its Field HP by continuously sending armies after the tower is empty. Leaving towers unattended for a extended periods of time will cause the NPCs to reappear.

Tower Control
Taking control of these towers will reward players and the alliance with privileges that other alliances do not have. Be careful though - once a tower is under the alliance's control, it will be unattended unless reinforcements are sent to it. This also means that other alliances may be tempted to take those towers away from you. Diplomacy is always an option, but this is where your alliance may come in if things get violent.

Learn From Veterans
Trying to take in everything can be overwhelming if you are new to the Kingdom Conquest universe. Joining an existing alliance and learning from veteran players is a fun and easy way to learn the game. You can always create your own alliance in the future when you are more experienced and confident enough to lead others to victory.

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