Importance of Alliances

Benefits of Joining Alliances
Creating or joining an alliance will help you create a strong network of friends that you can rely on. Being a part of an alliance offers perks like resource production bonuses, construction assistance, and easier land control. You can also take part in the alliance forums to discuss strategies, coordinate attacks, or just casually chat.

Level Up the Alliance
Resources can also be deposited toward the alliance to increase its level. This will give some perk boosts and allow more players into the alliance. You should also understand the different types of alliances that exist in the game, and the different roles that are available in your own alliance.

Communication is key while in an alliance. Don't hesitate to call for your allies if you are under attack, in need of reinforcements or want to capture key territories. Each land tile is given a coordinate, so be sure to jot them down and share it with your allies whenever you are trying to organize an attack.

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