Redeeming Serial Codes

What are Serial Codes?

Players may be given serial codes from special events that are held in Kingdom Conquest II. These codes offer special rewards such as cards, resources, and items. Serial codes are given an expiration date, and players are advised to spend these codes as soon as possible.

Redeeming the Serial Code

Log into the "World" where you wish to redeem your serial code. Tap the "Menu" icon, and select the "Invite & Code" icon. Your serial code can only be used once, so make sure that you are logged into your correct character.

From the "Invite & Code" screen, tap the "Input Bonus Code Here" button or scroll to the very bottom of the page to insert your given serial code.

1. Select the appropriate item that you wish to redeem by tapping the drop-down menu. 2. Enter the "Bonus Code" (serial code) that was given to you during the special event. 3. Tap the "Send" button to redeem your reward.

If successful, the image message above will be shown. If you encounter any errors, double check that the correct serial was entered. Tap "OK" or the "Back" button, and return to your city.

There will be a present box icon located in the top left of your screen. Tapping this icon will transfer you to the Present Box screen. Once inside, tap the "Receive" button next to your item to collect your reward.

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