Anticipated Congestion for upcoming Season Opening

Players may initially experience some difficulties when logging in to a merged world. This is due to the large amounts of players attempting to log into the game. If this happens, please try logging in again at a later time.

How do I join the next Season?

Assuming that you have met the requirements for the next Season, this is done by tapping "World Selection" from the title screen, and tapping the corresponding next Season World.

What were the requirements to carry over from the last Season?

▼ Transferable Accounts (KCID)
Account (KCID) characters transferring from the last season will need to meet the one or both of the following requirements to transfer to the next Season's unified world.

1. Accounts (KCID) that created a character and logged in for each unifying world, 90 days before the Season End maintenance.

  • Characters that do not meet this requirement will have their progress wiped. Please be careful for those playing multiple characters on differing worlds.

2. CP was purchased for that Account (KCID) in that eligible World.

  • Quest rewards that offered CP do not count for this requirement.
  • Purchased "Utilities" with days remaining before expiring will be reimbursed as CP, based on the number of days remaining.

Only Characters with progression under the same Account (KCID) will be unified. Progression from differing accounts (KCIDs) will not be unified.  Banned accounts and their characters will not be transferred.

  • In the event that the player has multiple characters in multiple worlds that are bound for unification, progression for those characters will be carried over if the proper requirements are met.
  • If the characters do not qualify, their entire progression will be wiped.

Something Didn't Carry Over!

The Operation Teams assures that all equipment, monsters, and rewards have been properly carried over from their respective worlds.

  • Please be sure to check your Present Box and take out everything that has been carried over.

Any players who are inquiring are required to provide the following information in their description:

  • Account Name that was carried over, and the Character Names for each World unified.
  • The name, rarity, and the world the monster/equipment was carried over from.
  • If the inquiry regards Season 1 Rewards, please provide your Alliance Name and/or Ranking for that particular category.
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