Kingdom Conquest II - Next Season Preparation Checklist

If you’re on a merging world, you’re undoubtedly preparing for the next season right now. If not, you’re probably thinking about what you can do when your World’s season ends. Fortunately, we’re here for you! We've pulled together a quick list of what you should do to prepare yourself for the next season.

World Unification Preparation Checklist

1. Become Familiar with the World Unification & Season End Details
2. Begin Preparing Your Units and Inventories for Transfer
3. Synthesize Your Monsters Through Acquire, Enhance, and Awaken
4. Acquire and Level Up Legend and/or Conquest Monsters

1. Become Familiar with the World Unification & Season End Details
First of all, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the World Unification Details. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about what’s coming in the next Season, as well as what you will keep, lose, and how the whole transition of your inventories and boosts to the next season will work. It’s important, so read it carefully!


2. Next, you’ll want to start preparing your stuff for the transition.

The preparation is a great time to focus on the Units you’ll want to use early in Season . Keep in mind that your City will be resetting, so try to focus on a few powerful Units that you’ll be able to expand with quickly in the next Season. Keep in mind that you’ll have all the hiring rights for Commanders that you obtained the hiring rights to the last Season. As such, you can count on having access (as quickly as you can save up Commander Points and level up the Commander’s House) even to Commanders for Upper Tier Units.


3. Synthesize Your Monsters Through Acquire, Enhance, and Awaken

It’s also a great time to do any last-minute Synthesis. Take advantage of any Acquire or Enhance Skill Synthesis Events that are taking place, and prepare your Units that way. On the one hand, the way you've set up your Monsters in the end-game of Season 1 may not be optimal for quickly expanding in the early stages of the next Season. On the other, you might not want to acquire early-game skills onto a late-game Unit only to switch back later on. However, if you have the Monster Cards to spare, it’ll definitely help! 


4. Acquire and Level Up Legend and/or Conquest Monsters

Lastly, if you have any Legend or Conquest Points, be sure to pick up the new, powerful Monsters from the Legend and Conquest packs. Check to see you can level those Units up for the next Season. They’re pretty strong, and can be awakened with the non-star/diamond versions, so go wild!


We look forward to seeing you in the next Season!





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