What actions are against the game rules?

Playing Multiple Accounts in One World

  • The general account rule for playing Kingdom Conquest is "One Account (KCID) Linked to One Person on 1 Device".
  • This means one person holding multiple KCIDs in one single world is NOT allowed. (ie; Using KCID 1, 2, 3, etc... in World A)
  • If players are "locked out" from their account, they will be asked to choose a "main account" and device to continue playing.
  • Depending on the severity, users may have some or all of their characters in a world banned from game play.

Sending Offensive or Harassing Messages to Others

  • Users who send any offending or harassing messages to other users will be penalized.
  • Depending on the severity and frequency, player punishment can range from temporary suspension to permanent ban.
  • While this game is competitive in nature, we encourage players to keep a positive and sportsmanship-like attitude.

Creating Offensive or Inappropriate Character/Alliance/Messages

  • Users who create character or account names that are considered offensive will be penalized.
  • Users who create names that violate this rule will have their account banned and renamed.
  • This rule applies to all languages and players may be banned without prior notice.

Attempting to Modify the Game ROM

  • Any attempts to 'hack' or modify the game is strictly against the Terms of Service agreement.
  • Violators will immediately be banned without prior notice or warning.
  • This rule applies to all languages.

Buying/Selling CP from Unauthorized Sources (RMT)

SEGA holds the right to suspend or ban any players who are found violating game rules without prior notification.


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