Connection Troubleshooting Guide

Players who are experiencing stability troubles within the games are asked to follow these steps before inquiring. In most cases, performing the following steps will allow the game data to "refresh" itself and may improve game stability. Please bear in mind that results may vary by the player's location, device, and connectivity environment.

"Reset Button"

Tapping the "Reset" button during the initial loading screen will clear the app's cache and attempt to download the initial files again.

Hard Resetting the App

Performing a "hard reset" of the app can improve stability in addition to rebooting the device. Players are advised to reset their apps if they experience any connectivity issues or if the app freezes.

For iOS (iOS8):

  • Double tap the "Home" of your device to see all running apps.
  • Swipe left to scroll through the list of open apps until you locate Kingdom Conquest II.
  • Swipe the small Kingdom Conquest II preview screen up to close the app.

For Android:

  • Depending on the device, apps can be closed under the "Settings".
  • Search for the "Manage Apps" screen or its equivalence.
  • Players can choose to "Shut Down" the app to perform a hard reset.
    (Please refer to your device's manual for specific instructions.) 

Re-Installing the App

Re-installing the app is recommended if players experience in-game crashes, especially in dungeons. Please be aware that uninstalling the app will remove your account details. Please remember to write them down and properly have your email registered so that your account information can be reissued.

For iOS:

  • From the Home screen, tap and hold the "KC2" icon to see it shake.
  • Tap the "-" button to delete the app.
  • Be sure NOT to delete any Game Center records when asked.

For Android:

  • Depending on the device, apps can be closed under the "Settings".
  • Search for the "Manage Apps" screen or its equivalence.
  • Select "Delete" from the app's details page, or through Google Play.
     (Please refer to your device's manual for specific instructions.) 

After re-downloading and starting the app, tap "Existing User" from the KC2 title screen.

Playing the Game Under "Airplane Mode" or WiFi Only

Depending on the connection environment, there are known cases where cellular connection and WiFi connections can interfere with each other and cause connection instabilities.  We recommend switching the connection environment to either cellular or WiFi only.

  • From the  device's "Settings" menu, tap "Airplane Mode" (or its equivalence) to toggle off cellular connections.
  • Then go to "Wi-Fi" > "ON" to toggle on the WiFi connection only.
  • If instability continues, we recommend checking your router settings to accept all connections.

Resetting Network Connections

Some data may be left over on devices after each maintenance that could conflict with game play.  Some devices can reset or "flush out" any older network settings which may improve connections. Please be aware that you may lose certain settings such as router passwords and re-configuring may be required.

For iOS:

  • From the  device's "Settings" menu, tap "General" select "Reset".
  • From the "General" screen, select "Reset" from the very bottom of the page.
  • From the "Reset" screen, select "Reset Network Settings".

For Android:

  • Please refer to the device's instructions manual on details methods on how to reset your network connections.
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