What if I am disconnected while...

What if I am disconnected during dungeon play?

  • You will not lose your Combat Point and will not receive the experience or items gathered from the run.

What If I am disconnected during synthesis?

  • You will not be able to check the results but the synthesis process would be finalized by the game.
What if I am disconnected while drawing from a pack?
  • Similar to synthesis, the drawing process will be finalized by the game, and the monster will be deposited to the unit list. You can tap the "Pack History" button from the game's Shop screen.

What if I am disconnected after tapping "Buy CP"?

  • If purchases were not directly deposited to the CP balance, it would be sent to the Present Box. If bonuses were offered for that CP purchase, the bonuses will be sent to the Present Box as well, after the original purchase is collected.
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