How do I retrieve my lost password?

I lost my password, but registered my email address.

  • From the game's title screen, tap "Options".
  • From the Options screen, tap "Account Management".
  • From the Manage Account screen, tap "New Password" and enter the fields.

I lost my password, but did not register my email address.

  • Players will need to submit an inquiry through this site. To do that, use the "Submit a Request" link at the top of the page.
  • Players must provide their device's App Key and/or a screenshot of their most recent app purchase.
    • The App Key can be found by going to the game's "Options" screen and tapping the "Copy" button. This will copy your App Key to the device, and you can paste it to the inquiry form. 
    • Please make sure you provide the App Key from the device you last successfully used to log onto the account. 
  • Any identified attempts of "Account Phishing" will immediately be reported for investigation.
* We cannot issue a new password if we are unable to confirm ownership or locate the missing account.
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