What information is needed to play KC II?

Account (KCID)

  • This is your unique ID that is used to log into Kingdom Conquest II and is case-sensitive.
  • Your KCID is not an email address.
  • Your KCID should NOT be shared with others.
  • This information is necessary to retrieve any lost passwords. Please be sure to store this information in a secure location.


  • This is used with your account (KCID) to log into the game.
  • You can reset this information if you register an email address.
  • NEVER give away your password to anyone, and be sure to follow the best practices in creating passwords.

E-mail Address (Optional)

  • You can register your email to reissue any lost passwords.
  • From the title screen, tap "Options" > "Account Management" > "Email Address Setting".
  • The field is case-sensitive.
  • Make sure that your spam filter is properly set up so that our responses are not lost.

Character Name

  • This is the name that will display within the world of Kingdom Conquest II.
  • We highly recommend that your character name is NOT the same as your Account (KCID).
  • This name is used to invite friends and other players to join your Alliance.
Remember that the KC Team will NEVER ask for your password.  Be sure to keep any personal information secure.
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